Amish Dress

Traditional Pennsylvania Amish dress and clothing.

Traditional PA Amish dress and clothingOne of the most visually-defining elements of the Amish in Lancaster, Pa is their “plain” clothing, which aligns with their tradition of humility and modesty. The Amish believe in a Biblical call to plain dress that is not revealing and that does not fall prey to “worldly” fads or fashion. It is believed that clothing should not contain any ornamentation that might call attention to the wearer, or give rise to feelings of pride or vanity. All items of clothing for both Amish men and women, children and adults alike, are utilitarian and conservative.

Because Pennsylvania Amish communities govern themselves within small districts, there is some community-to-community variation. However all Amish dress is always in keeping with their commitment to simplicity.

During your Amish Village tour you’ll learn how the Lancaster County Amish dress today and why. Questions to remember to ask your guide include:

  • Why don’t the Amish believe in buttons?
  • How do they hold their pants up without a belt?
  • Who’s allowed to grow a beard?
  • What are the only two days the Amish wear white?
  • What can you tell about an Amish man from his hat?

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