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Amish Proverbs

When it comes to the Amish lifestyle the word that comes to a lot of people’s minds is ‘simple’. Simple way of life, simple clothing, simple homes, and a simple form of transportation.

Amish Proverbs are words of wisdom from the simple life that are very dear to the Amish community and are what they use to help the English better understand their way of life. Their proverbs help to uncover different aspects of their lives from faith to family and everything in between. They also serve as teaching tools for the young and the old and include humor, seriousness, and faith principles.

Below are a few Amish Proverbs, from Suzanne Woods Fisher’s book, Amish Proverbs: Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life, which will help to simplify your life.

[Love enables us to walk fearlessly, to run confidently, and to live victoriously]

[A heart at peace gives life to the body]

[We live simply so others may simply live]

[Age is a question of mind over matter..if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter]

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