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Amish Quilts

One of the favorite hobbies, of Amish mothers and their daughters, is the hobby of quilting. Quilting is a very popular and practical homemaking skill that is a sanctioned channel for creativity within the Amish community. It is also a form of income for some Amish families.

The early Amish quilts were known more for their large, bold and all-over patterns of center square, diamonds or bars. Although, today’s quilts are mostly pieced with small scraps left over from sewing a garment of clothing. The colors vary, according to the colors worn by the members of the family/community, but the three most popular pattern colors are purple, blue & green.

Quilting has become a very fashionable and profitable folk art for many Amish ladies. Quilting either takes place in Quilting Circles, with 20-30 ladies quilting at one time, or it takes place in a family setting, with the Amish mother and her daughters. You will see the Amish quilting in both of those scenarios.

The market for Amish quilts is very popular and one may expect to pay $350-$800 (or more) on one Amish quilt. It is said that if you divide the price of a quilt in half that is the amount of hours it would take for one woman to make a quilt. As you can imagine all of their designs are hand-stitched and very intricate.

Here, at The Amish Village, we are happy to announce that we have many quilts on display, and FOR SALE :), throughout our property. We have three quilts for sale in our Amish House Tour as well as three quilts for sale in the two stores we have on our property, our Front Gift Shop & our Village Store. Be sure to stop by our property to check out our Amish-made quilt selections and learn more about the Amish way of life!