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Animal Spotlight | Freddie

Seeing, petting, and feeding farm animals is all a part of The Amish Village experience. Today we wanted to spotlight one of the most popular animals on our farm: Our baby calf Freddie!

Freddie was born on May 10th, 2015 and is only a little over a month old. He enjoys taking naps, meeting people, and being petted on a daily basis.

A fun fact about Freddie, along with many other calves, is that they drink about 1 gallon of milk per day! So something to keep in mind, when visiting our baby calf on your family fun adventure to Lancaster County, is that he can not be fed any other food items.

On your next trip to The Amish Village be sure to stop by and say hello to Mr. Freddie and take a picture or two. He loves being in the spotlight and can be found inside our animal barn right next to our Miniature Horses.

Freddie           Freddie

Freddie 2           Freddie 2