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Animal Spotlight | Mr. Ed

Horses play a big role when it comes to transportation and farm work for an Amish family. Today we wanted to spotlight our very own horse that lives in our barn: Mr. Ed!

Mr. Ed is very friendly and enjoys being fed and pet, licking hands, and keeping watch in the barn. He also enjoys being in family photographs and getting his picture taken. He is one of our most photogenic animals!

Many people seem to ask the question and wonder “What kind of horses do Amish families use?”, so we wanted to provide you with the answer.

Most Amish families have about one or two horses that they call their driving horses. These horses are the ones that they attach to their buggy and use for transportation. Most Amish families also have six or eight draft horses, if they live on a farm, for their fieldwork. The standard bred horses are usually bought at a local auction and the draft horses are usually Belgians or Percherons.

When you visit the barn at The Amish Village be sure to say hello and get a picture with our very own Mr. Ed! He can be found right when you walk into the barn on the left hand side. He is in the second stall next to our mule named Pete.

ed horse