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Baby Goats at The Amish Village

Three baby goats standing on a platform with one dark gray goat with a purple cast. Another baby goat stands next to the platform.

Springtime brings new life in Amish Country. You can see it across the county as Amish farmers prepare their fields for new crops. Amish boys and girls might start shedding their shoes and walking around barefoot as the weather warms. Mud sales start up, giving people a chance to bid on beautiful Amish quilts, delicious food, crafts, and other items in support of local fire companies.

On an Amish farm, the spring season tends to bring one more thing: baby animals! And The Amish Village has welcomed a few new kids to the barnyard. Three momma goats – Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy – have given birth to 6 baby goats, all boys. Their names are Ezra, Samson, Benjamin, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Micah. Four of the goats have been adopted into a local family, while Ezra and Samson stay at our farm.

While each of the kids is healthy, Ezra, was born with contracted tendons, which is a condition that can be caused by cramping in the womb. We worked with a veterinarian to carefully and gradually straighten his leg with a splint. If you visited The Amish Village recently, you might have seen him frolicking happily with a little cast on his leg. With a little patience and a lot of care, we are happy to announce that the tendons have healed! The splint is removed and little Ezra is jumping around with the other animals.

We take great care of all of our animals here at The Amish Village, including our goats. In addition to veterinarian care, we give the goats lots of freedom to run and play around our barn and animal pen. Visitors to The Amish Village can pet and play with them during their self-guided exploration of our 12-acre property.

We also consider the goats’ dietary needs. Many people believe the cartoonish misconception that goats can eat anything, like tin cans and shoelaces. In reality… yes, they will eat a lot of surprising things if you let them. This is why we make sure our goats are getting the right nutrition they need and ensuring the wrong things aren’t left in their play areas. If you take a tour, you will have the opportunity to purchase some goat-approved food to feed the mamas and kids right out of your hand.

Spring is the perfect season to get some fresh air while playing with baby animals on an authentic Amish farm. Come meet the new kids at the barn, stay for a pleasant outdoor picnic, and enjoy learning more about the Amish Community at The Amish Village.