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New Tour Experience | Jeep Tours

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to travel the Amish back roads in a fun and sporty Jeep? Now you can experience it! Here at The Amish Village we are excited to announce we now have a new tour option available: Amish Country Jeep Tours!

This 90-minute tour, in our Jeep, will take you off the beaten path, past working farms and along country roads where buggies roll along and farmers work their fields. Each driving tour includes at least one stop at unique locations such as an Amish business, quilt shop, pretzel bakery or bake shop.

Our professional driver is a local expert – equipped to provide an in-depth look at the centuries-old heritage of our Amish neighbors, including several opportunities to meet the local Amish.

This expertise, combined with the fun and sporty ride in a four-door Jeep, provides a completely unique way to experience the beauty of Lancaster County for up to four people!

For pricing and availability please call or email us at (717) 687-8511 or