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Property Spotlight | Blacksmith Shop

There are many different things to explore and see on our 12 acre property, at The Amish Village, that is fun for the entire family! One unique aspect about our property is our Blacksmith Shop. Today on the blog we are going to spotlight what different tools you can see in our Blacksmith Shop!

On our property our Blacksmith Shop houses many pieces of farm equipment that an Amish farmer would use while they are working out in the fields. When you enter the shop you will be able to see over twelve pieces of farming equipment that have actually been used by Amish farmers in the past. book a room Each piece of equipment is also labeled so that you are able to know what piece of equipment is used for what specific thing.

Curious about what pieces of equipment can be found in our Blacksmith Shop? Below is a list of a few specific farming tools located in our shop:

–Horse Drawn Two-Way Flip Plow

–Horse Drawn Potato Plow

–The Daisy Corn Planter

–Horse Drawn Garden Harrow

–Tobacco Bailing Box

–Tobacco Cutters

–Corn Sheller

Curious about what our Blacksmith Shop looks like? Below are some pictures to give you a sneak peak:

Blacksmith Shop 3


Blacksmith Shop 1


Blacksmith Shop 6


blacksmith shop

Be sure to visit The Amish Village property to see what other pieces of equipment we have in our Blacksmith Shop and to experience the unique shop in person!