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Property Spotlight | Village Store

Ever wondered where you can find handmade Amish aprons, hot pads, and quilts? Well look no further than our Village Store located on our 12-acre property at The Amish Village! Today on the blog we wanted to showcase our Village Store and give you a unique look inside.

In our Village Store there are two main categories of items that we have for sale: Souvenirs and Local Amish Made Items. Below are short descriptions of items that we have for sale in those categories. We have many things, that we sell, that are great for all ages and all families!

Souvenirs: For those travelers that enjoy collecting magnets, pens, or mugs, from each place that they visit, our Village Store is the perfect place to make those purchases! We have many things for sale, with our logo, to make any trip to The Amish Village a memorable one. Some of the souvenir type items that we have inside include: magnets, pens, shot glasses, mugs, t-shirts, postcards, ornaments, and pencils.

Local Amish Made Items: For those travelers that love to collect items that are very unique to one area of the world, we have many items that are made by our Local Amish neighbors, in our Village Store, as well. Since many Amish women enjoy sewing, and making crafts, for enjoyment, we have many of their handmade items for sale for visitors to purchase. Some of their handmade items for sale include: quilts, hot pads, spice mats, jar grippers, aprons, quillows, and eye glass holders.

Want to get a sneak peak look at what the inside of our Village Store looks like? Below are some unique pictures that showcase our store!

Village Store 6


Village Store 1


Village Store 2


Village Store 3