Lancaster County Amish

The Lancaster County Amish Community — an 18th-century culture living in a modern world.

Pennsylvania Amish farm and barnThere are patches of Lancaster County, Pa where life shifts from the speed of the highways to the clip-clop of horses’ hooves on a paved road. Where shopping malls give way to produce stands, and business parks fade into fields of crops. In these places, one is likely to catch a glimpse of a community of people known for their religiously-focused culture, plain dress and lack of modern conveniences. They are the Lancaster County Amish.

Almost 300 years ago a small Amish community arrived from Europe and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during a time when William Penn was promoting religious and cultural freedom. Today, the unique way of life of the Pennsylvania Amish closely resembles what it was in the 18th century – simple and non-materialistic, with horse-powered vehicles and a slow daily pace.

The Amish of Lancaster County focus their life on service – first to God, and likewise to their family and the entire Amish community. The Pennsylvania Amish are dedicated to peace and humility, and in an effort to preserve their values they avoid the ways of the modern world, such as television, automobiles, or personal ornamentation. The result is a quiet, unassuming and highly-productive community whose way of life has changed little since settling in Lancaster County almost 300 years ago.

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