Amish Religious Beliefs

Pennsylvania Amish religious beliefs and culture.

PA Amish Religious Beliefs and CultureThe Amish church began in the late 1600s led by Jakob Ammann as a branch of the Anabaptist movement. The word Anabaptist refers to “believers baptism” or the practice of being baptized as an adult as a declaration of faith instead of the tradition of infant baptism. Because they received severe persecution for their Anabaptist beliefs, many Amish fled to Pennsylvania to exercise the religious freedom afforded by William Penn.

In today’s Amish church, membership begins with baptism and is performed between the ages of 16 and 25. The Amish believe that the Bible is the sovereign word of God, literal in meaning, and is used as a guide for living. Their choice to lead a different existence than the rest of modern society is an attempt to live “in the world, but not of the world.” To accomplish this, the Amish reject modern conveniences and technology as a way to separate themselves from anything that distracts from their values.

During your tour of The Amish Village, you’ll learn all about Amish religious views and values. Be sure to ask your guide:

  • Where do the Amish go to church?
  • How do Amish teens “spread their wings” prior to baptism?
  • How often do they go to church?
  • How long is their church service?
  • How do they elect their church Pastor?

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