Amish and Technology

The Lancaster Amish use of technology and modern conveniences.

The Lancaster Amish use of technology and modern conveniencesIn general, the Lancaster Amish shy away from the use of modern technology and conveniences – including electricity, automobiles and computers – to honor their religious beliefs of separation from worldly influences. Though they do not view modern developments as evil, they want to avoid being drawn into temptations associated with technology that might threaten to deteriorate their values.

In the 1920s, the Pennsylvania Amish community agreed not to connect into public power lines. This abstinence from public electric power does not mean that the Amish don’t occasionally use electricity. Depending on a particular district’s ruling, electricity is allowed in limited use for powering equipment in businesses, electric fences, certain appliances, or lighting buggies at night.

The Amish want to preserve their focus on God, family, work and community. Therefore, technology is accepted in limitation as long as the Amish lifestyle remains true to these core values.

During your tour of The Amish Village, you’ll learn how the Amish use modern technology. Make sure you listen for the answers to these questions:

  • Where do the Amish keep their telephone?
  • How does their refrigerator work?
  • Do the Amish use e-mail?
  • Do they ever drive cars?
  • Are they allowed to have cell phones?

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