Interactive Map

Take a virtual tour of our Amish Village. Then come see us in
Lancaster County and experience a real Amish tour.

Below you can explore the 12-acre property that is our Amish Village. We are true representation of how the Pennsylvania Amish live in Lancaster County, PA today. From the one-room schoolhouse to the smokehouse market and store, the sights, sounds and smells of PA Dutch Country will welcome you the moment you arrive.

After you’ve played around online, be sure to make your plans to visit. View our hours of operation prior to your visit. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Lancaster County!

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1The Amish House

Our local guides conduct group tours through this authentic Amish farmhouse, which dates back to 1840. These tours are a great way to gain insight into the Pennsylvania Amish culture, history and current way of life.

2Windmill & Water Wheel
The windmill and water wheel in the Village operate a pump that provides water to animals in the barn area. Because the Amish live without electricity, this same system is used on most Amish farms today.

3Amish Barn and Farm Animals
Like all Amish farms, ours is complete with a barn and a variety of animals. You can get right up close to goats, horses and the area’s “local celebrity,” Mrs. Pig and her piglets.


Amish Schoolhouse
Built by Amish craftsmen, this authentically-furnished Amish one-room schoolhouse is a genuine example of how Amish children are educated today.

5Smokehouse Market
Taste the flavor of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country inside a working smokehouse market and store. Amish-made jellies and jams are available as well as other local Lancaster County favorites.

6Blacksmith Shop
An important part of Amish life, this blacksmith shop is furnished with all the tools used by Amish craftsmen for almost 300 years.


Amish Village Store
Find the perfect souvenir to take home to remind you of your visit to Pa Amish Country. Authentic Pennsylvania Amish crafts and handmade goods are featured.

8Outdoor Picnic Grounds
Relax and “set a while” at our beautiful picnic grounds. The perfect place for an afternoon lunch or snack, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to stretch out your legs and enjoy the fresh country air and beautiful Lancaster County scenery.